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Kubota tractors with boxblade included

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Terramite Backhoe/Loader

Overall Height- 6'8"
Overall Width - 4'1"

Loader bucket is 4 ft wide with a 1/2 cu yard capacity when full. Loader bucket maximum lift capacity to full height is 1500 lbs. Loader bucket maximum dumping height 6'8".

Backhoe Bucket is 15" wide with a maximum lifting capacity of 750 lbs. Maximum digging reach is 11'3". Maximum digging depth is 8'4". Digging reach decreases approx 1 ft for every 2 feet of digging depth.

8.0 Hours maximum on meter per daily rental.

Equipment is rented full of feul and must be returned to full or else you will be charged a refueling fee.

THIS EQUIPMENT IS NOT TO BE USED FOR LAND CLEARING! All damage to this equipment while being used to clear land is NOT covered by the damage waiver, and will be the FULL responsibility of the customer. Damage to tires is NOT covered by the damage waiver.